AFTER WINTER, SPRING available for streaming!

We are pleased to announce that After Winter, Spring is now available on DVD for home use in both English and French versions, as well as for streaming on Amazon and Vimeo On Demand. We’re excited about this stage of our distribution as it will allow the film to be seen by an even wider audience.

We’ve also been delighted that the film has been seen since May on both Air France and KLM flights. Much to our surprise, a great many people who watched After Winter, Spring in the air, have contacted us with their responses and to share their own stories. This exchange, like exchanges with audiences at screenings across the U.S., and in Canada, France, Italy and Russia, have been touching and give me hope that there are many people who care deeply about the earth and what the future holds, no matter where they’re from.

When we began this long project, we didn’t fully realize that the issues raised in the French farmers’ stories would increase in relevance with the passage of time. If you can help us let people know that the film is now available on DVD and digital streaming, we’d be grateful.

To watch the film, click here.

We thank all of you who lent a helping hand, in one way or another, in bringing this film to fruition.