A great time in Kentucky!

A great time in Kentucky!

After Winter, Spring was screened this weekend in the beautiful KENTUCKY MUSEUM OF ART AND CRAFT on Saturday. Presented by KMAC, THE BERRY CENTER, and EDIBLE LOUISVILLE, this wonderful event was part of the Food Shelter Clothing Exhibit and was held in a gallery surrounded, most appropriately, by Kentucky folk art. The film was followed by a discussion with myself and Steve Smith, a generational Kentucky farmer who transitioned from growing tobacco to growing food and created the first CSA in the state. His breadth of experience and his lively and passionate observations added much to the discussion for all of us.

I also had the opportunity to tour the Berry Center with Founder and Executive Director Mary Berry and Managing Director Katie Ellis. I was incredibly inspired by Mary’s vision and the work the Center is doing to craft programs that support farmers in the market place and encourage good land use.

My evening ended with the special privilege of a visit with Wendell, Tanya, and Mary Berry, and Steve Smith. Tanya served us a delicious meal including homemade bread. Wendell was every bit the brilliant and creative thinker as in his writing. His unique voice, speaking to the depth of what is crucially important about the farming life, was a trusted touchstone for me during the years of making After Winter, Spring. As a result, this evening with him and Tanya, Mary and Steve, was a treasured moment for me.

I want to send our huge thanks to Aldy Milliken, Executive Director & Chief Curator, and Emily Miles, Communications Manager, at KMAC for their wonderful work in creating a beautiful screening event, and to Daniel Tucker who made the film part of the Food Shelter Clothing exhibit. This screening would not have happened at all were it not for Mary Berry and the hard work of Katie Ellis of The Berry Center. A big thanks also to Steve Smith for sharing his moving story with all of us. The outreach efforts of Edible Louisville & Bluegrass and Slow Food Louisville were fabulous. And lastly, our gratitude to Farm to Fork Catering for their delicious treats following the screening!

My deepest gratitude goes to all those I met who care so deeply about the future of farming for families still willing to do this demanding, beautiful, crucial work!